With the dreamiest clients who love to pay you, plenty of time for spontaneous getaways, and the respect of everyone around you!

    BE A highly-paid
          LIFE COACH        

be a highly-paid
confident life coach

who stands out in the industry

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Imagine what it would be like...

  • Enjoy a lifestyle where you aren’t chained to a desk or a schedule (alarm clock optional)

  • Be admired and respected while helping others improve their lives.

  • Feel confident knowing you can coach ANYONE on ANYTHING while celebrating your $10K, $20K, or more months at a beach club, champagne in hand.

  • You enjoy boss mornings with some quick emails, creating content, or having brunch with a friend and then head back to your cozy home office to coach your dreamy clients who love to pay you. 

  • You take time in the evenings for that hobby (or person) you’re obsessed with, and slide into bed early because you're excited to wake up and do it all over again!

Let's paint the picture just a little more here...

You want a career with flexibility, meaning, and the freedom to work from anywhere with a wi-fi connection.

You're tired of requesting time off that may or may not be approved. 

You're tired of being limited on how much you can make - whether you work harder or not. 

You're tired of the bzzz bzzz bzzz disturbing your sleep every. single. morning. 

You want to ditch the 9-5 and create a successful career you love as a health coach so you can get paid to help others get healthy.

You want to be your own boss and take back control over your own life and time.

This is for you if...

All of this AND MORE is possible for you with...

Identity-Based Coaching


A Certification Created For Coaches By a Coach

This might surprise you but I didn’t grow up wanting to be a coach (but then again, does anyone?)

It was my own health struggles that led me to searching for a solution. I wanted to fix myself so I enrolled in a nutrition coaching school and… I fell in love. 

I started to get results so I started sharing what I had learned with others. 

The moment I realized I could get paid do to help people was a turning point. I had found my purpose.

I rented a little shared office by the hour so I would look legit and started coaching clients.

They referred me clients, I raised my rates, on and on and on.

  • Social media (it wasn’t around!)
  • Team (what?)
  • Real way to market (I didn’t know what marketing was)
  • Marketing strategy (I didn’t know this was a thing)
  • Ads (lol, no)

  • Clients that got results. 

And THAT was the key to my success. My clients were doing marketing for me.

(PS Keep in mind… The opposite is also true. If you can’t get your clients results, they will share that too!)

My coaching business hit 6 figures - not because of my website, branding, marketing, ads or social media. 

I hit 6-figures because I was helping people get results. And this made me stand out. 

It will do the same for you.

When you’re highly skilled at getting your clients results, the results will market your business for you. Full stop.

Hi! I'm Cynthia Garcia. 

I’m a coach, a mama, and a wife. 

I had no:

What I DID have was:

The #1 way to create a 6 – 7 figure coaching business is to be a world-class coach who uses Identity-Based Coaching with your clients to get to real change so they do the marketing for you.

My superpower...

I’m a coach myself and have been for 19 years.

TMLCS and Identity-Based Coaching was created for coaches by a coach (me!) because no one knows better how to set you up for success than someone who has been in the trenches and is still in the field, keeping up-to-date with what works and what doesn’t. 

I will teach you my secrets and give you everything you need.

  • Coach to celebrities, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders

  • Certified over 30,000 coaches 

  • Fellow at the Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate

  • Created 7-figure business as a coach before launching a certification

  • Best-selling author, selling just over 1 million copies of my books

  • Thousands of programs sold

  • Currently run multiple 7 – 8 figure businesses

  • Global media personality Featured In Forbes, The Today Show, The Dr. Phil Show, Vogue, Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian, and many more

My credentials & experience



And you have to have REAL skills to stand out...

Long-term success as a coach can't be achieved through flashy marketing.

I've seen so many coaches come and go. This is also why I've had a 19-year career in coaching making millions and impacting millions. 

and I want to teach you my method.

PwC reports the coaching industry is the second-fastest growing sector in the world.

The 3-Steps to Becoming A Highly-Paid life Coach




Stand out in the industry.

Create a business and attract the dreamiest clients.

Coach anyone on anything with confidence. 


identity-based Coach

The Certified 


stand out in the industry

step 01.

Stand Out As the Coach People Can't Stop Talking About with the Power of Identity

But the REAL key to change doesn’t lie in what you DO. 

It lies in who you BE.

Identity is how you see yourself, how you think and feel about yourself and what you think is possible for you. You will only ever succeed to the limits of your identity. 

Identity-Based Coaching combines narrative psychology, neuroscience, and positive psychology to rewrite the stories that keep people stuck, help them create a new identity, and create the behaviors and outcomes they want – no willpower required.

Meet The Modern Approach to Coaching: Identity-Based Coaching

Most life coaches focus on habit change and outcomes. 

Focused on "doing". Doing is hard.

Sets goals from past and works from a place of "not there yet".

Focused only on habit change. 

Coaches struggle to stand out, make money, and get their clients results.

old school coaching

identity-based coaching

Focused on "being." Being is enjoyable!

Take action from the future self, no willpower needed!

Focused on identity.

Coaches easily stand out, are higher paid, and their clients get results fast and for good!

Random coaching questions you piece together.

Proven coaching system so you never have to worry about what to do or say!

Orientation + welcome

Get Set Up for Success 
Logistics of Course
White Glove Support

class 02: The Stuck Story Coaching Method, Part 1

Life Coaching and the Brain
Narrative Psychology + The Psychology of Story
The STORY Coaching Method + Limiting Beliefs

class 01: Creating Your Future Self

Exploring the Science of Possibility
Creating Your Future Self
Your Unapologetic Success Story

class 03: The Stuck Story Coaching Method, Part 2

The “I Wonder” Game
Exploring How to Manage Emotions
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

coaching CERTIFICATION curriculum

class 04: your identity + intro to coaching clients

The Game Changing Role of Identity
Logistics of Working with Clients
How to Conduct a Coaching Session


How to Ask Evocative and Powerful Questions
Detecting Patterns + Pattern Interrupts
Identity-Based Goal Setting

class 05: coaching skills that get you paid

The Proven Way to Build Trust + Rapport
Facial Expressions and Meaning
Body Language and What Your Client Isn't Saying

class 07: Diversity & Inclusion: How to Coach Everyone 

Cultural Humility
Equality & Diversity In Coaching
Coaching in the LGBTQIA+ Community

class 08: Self Awareness & Self-Acceptance

Revisiting Identity + Becoming SELF Made
Trauma Triggers and Childhood Trauma
Exploring Mental Health & Coaching

Class 10: Becoming Self-Made: Self-Creation

Creating Your Personal Style
Your Ideal Environment & Surroundings
Luxury, Redefined + Self Care

class 09: Becoming Self-Made: Self-Confidence

Your Playbook That Teaches People How to Treat You
Self Confidence and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Fearless Decision Making + Setting Boundaries

class 11: Putting It All Together for success

The Coaching Treasure Map
How to Get Your Clients Results for Good
The Secret to Becoming a Leading Life Coach

It is the secret ingredient that will elevate you from just another life coach to the best in your industry (and this is SO important in today’s market)!

Identity-Based Coaching is the #1 way to Create A 6-7 Figure Coaching Business And Be A World-Class Coach Who Gets Your Clients Results So They Do The Marketing For You.

Create a business and attract the dreamiest clients

step 02.

walks you through how to create a highly-profitable business where you attract the dreamiest clients who say, “Take my money, please!” - even if you've never coached before.

From setting up the right type of business to your personal brand and website, we'll help you enjoy a lifestyle where you aren’t chained to a desk or a schedule and your bank account keeps growing!

The Exclusive 6-Step Business Building Blueprint

even if you’ve never started or run a business before!

Your proven step-by-step plan to create a 6-Figure income in your first year

class 01: Million Dollar Mindset & Mission

The Money Mindset and Your Money Story
Identity-Based Goal Setting
Success On Your Terms + Your Million Dollar Mission

class 03: Story-Based Marketing: Copywriting, and List Building 

The Importance of Storytelling to Build an Audience
Copywriting + The Power of Words
Sales Pages that Work + Building Your Email List

class 02: A Personal Brand That gets you paid

Get Paid to Be You + Lights, Camera, Action Formula
The 7 Key Elements for Creating A Personal Brand
3 Step Flawless Formula For Finding Your Perfect Client

class 04: Making Money as an identity-based LIFE COACH, PART 01

Million Dollar Coaching: Create The Life + Income You Want
How to Set Up Successful Streams of Income
One-on-One Coaching + Group Coaching Programs

6 step business building blueprint program curriculum

class 05: MAKING MONEY AS An identity-based LIFE COACH, PART 02

Make Money With Speaking, Memberships, And Books
Make Money With Programs, Products, And Online Events
Make Money With Live Events and Affiliates

class 06:  million dollar marketing for identity-based life coaches

How to Create Your Successful Marketing Strategy
How To Create Your Million Dollar Marketing Framework  
8 Must Have’s For Great Content That Gets Clients

Every Single Step to Get Paying Clients Done-For-You with Plug And Play Templates!

The Profitable Life Coach Business In A Box System

DFY 100+ Profitable Coaching Niches Guide

DFY 37 Out-of-the Box Places to Find High-Paying Clients Guide

DFY 100 Social Media Prompts to Grow An Audience of Paying Clients

DFY 21 Places to Find Clients and Make Money Without Social Media

DFY Profitable Coach Website Templates and Training

DFY Profitable Coach Sales Page Template

DFY Opt-In Free Gift to Grow An Email List of Paying Clients

DFY Email Funnel That Sells Your Coaching With Ease

DFY High-Converting Sample Sessions that Sell Script

DFY Pricing Guide from “Just Starting” to “Highly Experienced” Coach

DFY Legal Client Contract

DFY List of Recommended Resources to Manage and Market Your Business with Ease

From website templates and social media prompts to how to find your niche and pricing your services, we’ve got you covered!

You'll learn exactly how to set up, attract eager clients, and hit the ground running, securing a six-figure income in your very first year, all while saving time and money!

The Profitable Life Coach Business In A Box System contains everything you need to create a successful business effortlessly.

We cover all the topics including:
  • Personal branding
  • Making offers
  • Setting up your website
  • Social media
  • How to price
  • Multiple streams of income
  • and so much more!

Get live coaching and feedback from me

Plus, Live Business Building Labs With Me Personally

It's how you can be wildly-successful WITHOUT niching down so you can embrace your multi-interests and passions and get paid for being you!

As an Identity-Based Coach, "identity" is your niche! 

You can coach on relationships, health, money, mindset, sales, weight loss, business, dating, and so much more! 

Feel confident coaching ANYONE on ANYTHING using the Identity-Based Coaching System

Coach anyone on anything with confidence

step 03.

Identity-Based Coaching is how you can coach ANYONE on ANYTHING (no niche required).

And you can do it with NO GUESSWORK when you have The Identity-Based Coaching System!

It contains done-for-you client contracts, handouts and guides, exercises and journals, and more so your clients get results every time and refer their family and friends!

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to confident coaching and guaranteed results for your clients with this 90-day PROVEN coaching system.

Every session, every step, all laid out for you.

The Identity-Based Coaching System

with 100+ pages packed with worksheets, journal pages, exercises, planners, and more to get your client results and save you time and money!

These aren't your typical "life coaching exercises" found on Google. They're specific to Identity-Based Coaching and unique to The Modern Life Coach School.

Identity-Based Coaching Client Workbook 

There’s also a powerful done-for-you...

The Modern Life Coach School is an official member of the Association for Coaching (AC).

Our Certified Life Coach Program has achieved the Accredited Award in Coach Training which demonstrates that we incorporate the AC Coaching Competency Framework and is underpinned by the AC Global Code of Ethics for Coaches, Mentors and Supervisors.

As a part of the regulated coaching industry we abide by the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches and Mentors.


Accredited Award in Coach Training





Enroll in the Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach program.

Set aside 5-7 hours a week to complete your lessons.

enjoy a business and lifestyle you love!


- brittany merrick

"Before even graduating i had new clients and booked a speaking engagement totaling $10k in revenue!"

“I have attended a lot of other programs and no other program has given me these systems!"


"Identity-Based Coaching changed the way I coach and get my clients results. Because I had the coaching system created for me, my coaching containers now sell for $5,000 a pop!"

"Identity-Based Coaching changed the way I coach and get my clients results. Because I had the coaching system created for me, my coaching containers now sell for $5,000 a pop!"

- Africa turner

-africa turner


“I have attended a lot of other programs and no other program has given me these systems!"

- kim bayne

-lauren gonzales

- lauren gonzales

"I love TMLCS! Identity-Based Coaching changed my life! I love helping people but just didn't feel confident but all the tools in this program were a game-changer!"

"I had wanted to be a coach for so long but was afraid I wouldn't make back the money I invested. I was wrong! I sold out my first group coaching program in one week and now it's on repeat!"


"The Modern Life Coach School is in a league of its own! One of my favorite tools I learned was the Stuck Story Coaching Method." 

"The Modern Life Coach School is in a league of its own! One of my favorite tools I learned was the Stuck Story Coaching Method." 




"I had wanted to be a coach for so long but was afraid I wouldn't make back the money I invested. I was wrong! I sold out my first group coaching program in one week and now it's on repeat!"

- Anna Smively



$1,497 Value


Certified success coach course

Love business and success? Help others get out of their own way and be successful with this in-depth coaching certification.

It includes a powerful done-for-you 12-week business coaching program that you can use with any client who walks through your door to support their purpose, passion, productivity, and performance – no guesswork required!

certification 1:

3 additional certifications so you can stand out and make more money as a coach 

$1,497 Value

certified relationship coach course

There is a growing demand for relationship coaching. Many people struggle to build and nurture positive relationships where they feel seen, heard, and like they matter.

This comprehensive course will help you finally understand the role of relationships, how to build healthy ones, and the power they have to help your clients improve their lives!

certification 2:

$1,497 Value

certified leadership coach course

Brene Brown said a leader is “anyone who takes responsibility for recognizing the potential in people and ideas, and has the courage to develop that potential.”

We know our students are those people so this program takes an in-depth look at leadership, how we’re redefining the term, and the four levels of developing leaders through powerful coaching techniques.

certification 3:

that's 4 certifications in ONE program!

certified identity-based coach

certified success coach

certified relationship coach

certified leadership coach





  • 10 Clients, 90 Days, 0 Guesswork Workshop - This exciting workshop ensures you walk away with clarity on who you coach, what topic/niche you coach them on, and how you can stand out as a highly-profitable coach! 

  • DFY Sales Email Series - This 3-part email series provides word-for-word what to say to have clients ready to sign up AND pay your rates without question!

  • DFY Sales Script - A step-by-step script that converts 0ver 90% of your “free coaching sessions” into paying clients!

  • DFY Coaching Agreement - Save time and money by letting your client sign on the dotted line and get started right away!

10 CLIENTS, 90 DAYS, 0 GUESSWORK training

This exciting training was designed to get you clients FAST with no guesswork!

Here's what we've done for you.... 


Enjoy these 3 bonus courses

course 1:

done for you resources!

done for you resources!

$497 Value

stop wasting your f*$king time

One of the biggest concerns with building a business that allows you to have more free time to do the things you love is TIME!
“I don’t have enough time” is such a common phrase among life coaches and this powerful course is here to put a stop to that!
It's the same course Cynthia personally uses to run multiple 7 and 8-figure businesses, live in two cities, and have time for self care - all without overwhelm.

course 2:

the ultimate time management course

the ultimate time management course

$497 Value

How to look and feel confident on camera 

We’ve put together a guide that includes everything you need to be set up for success including lighting recommendations, a list of equipment we use personally to help you feel confident and camera ready anytime, anywhere!

course 3:

a step-by-step checklist

a step-by-step checklist

$197 Value


Impact, passion, boss mornings, time for brunch with friends, that spontaneous weekend getaway, spa days, self care, travel, evenings free, hobbies, relationships, and living like you meant it.

You can create a business where you stand out as a confident, highly-paid coach.

 It’s all available to you:

This is your time. This program is the way. 


Total Value $50,673+

Certified identity-based Coach Program

$20,000 Value

Business Building Blueprint Course + Live Labs

$9,997 Value

DFY Identity-Based Coaching System

$9,997 Value

But that's not what you'll pay. Not even close.

certification program

Profitable life Coach Business In A Box

$4,997 Value

business building program

Three Additional Certifications

$4,491 Value

stop wasting your f*$king time Course

$497 Value


Look and Feel Confident on Camera Guide

10 Clients, 90 Days, 0 Guesswork Workshop

$197 Value

$497 Value

take a sneak peek or Book A Call 

Still Have Questions?

Want A behind-the-scenes peek at the course?  


We're so confident you'll be successful within 12 months of graduating from the Identity-Based Coaching Certification Program that if you don't earn back at least your initial investment, we'll pay you the difference of the two amounts - up to the total cost of tuition.

We’re putting our money where our mouth is.

there's zero risk.


hear it from them, not us


Old School Life Coach Certification Program

Enroll in an old-school life coach certification, learn a bunch of random concepts that you’re unsure how to put together to coach someone, and get introductory basics on how to build a business.

You’ll likely struggle for months to figure out how to stand out, get clients, and make your money back.

You’ll worry about not knowing what to say when you actually do get a client because you never learned a real coaching system. 

You’ll feel like an imposter and this will hold you back from having a business with the freedom you dream off. You’ll continue to deal with the commute to your draining 9 - 5, frustrating office politics, and the feeling of not being in control of your own life when you have to ask for time off.

Become a student at TMLCS in a course that’s specifically designed for people who want to escape the 9 - 5 and launch a profitable coaching businesses, making 6-figures in their first year without guesswork.

You’ll use our proven business-building systems that position you as a credible authority in your field so you get clients effortlessly.

You’ll enjoy the ease of using a done-for-you coaching program to get results and never worry about what to say to a client while coaching anyone on anything - no niche required. 

You’ll feel relief and purpose as you create your own schedule, work from anywhere and have plenty for an spontaneous getaway, weekday brunches, or taking every Monday off - because you can.

take a sneak peek or Book A Call 

Still Have Questions?

Want A behind-the-scenes peek at the course?  

"I won't make my money back"

I too invested so much money in figuring out how to become a successful coach but when I used the EXACT done-for-you, proven systems that are now in TMLCS, I made back all the money I had spent and then some! It’s not can I make back the money, it’s how many times over can I do that.

PLUS... remember our Make Your Money Back Guarantee - there’s nothing for you to lose.

You sit back after your last coaching call of the day feeling ease and gratitude for being able to do work that gives you meaning. You check your email to see your new client just paid for her coaching package in full - another $2,000 straight to your bank account. 

You can’t believe this all started with that investment you made in the Certified Identity-Based Coach program at TMLCS. You thank yourself AGAIN for taking that leap!

"I can’t afford it."

I was so afraid that if I spent more money on my certification that I wouldn’t have it for things I actually needed. I had to use 3 credit cards to enroll. I get it. 

But when I used the all the done-for-you business building tools that are now in TMLCS, I made back my investment many times over. I couldn’t afford NOT to make the investment.

Since using the Profitable Life Coach Business In A Box from TMLCS and your new abilities as an Identity-Based Life Coach you now charge higher rates, you can work part time and enjoy traveling to all those locations on your bucket list while still having a waitlist of clients saying, “Just take my money!” You’re so glad you said yes to you!

You click ”book” on that trip to Bali you’ve been waiting to schedule and smile at your calendar, booked solid with clients. 

"What if I don’t know what to say to a client?"

I too was afraid that I would sit down with a client and all of a sudden, have no idea what to say! It’s why I created the Identity-Based Coaching System - a full 90-day coaching program that includes exactly what to say in every session, where you can go back and reference that information in the course if you need, and even done-for-you tools and a Client Workbook for your clients to use in every session to make sure they see progress. 

You’ll feel confident from your first client on!

A smile crosses your face as you read an email from your client that says, ”I felt lost and hopeless before I started coaching with you. Today, I had my best month ever in my business and my husband and I feel like newlyweds!” 

You can’t believe this is possible by simply following the steps in The Identity-Based Coaching System but... it is.



Let's time travel to the future...

This time last year, you knew you were meant for more but you didn’t know how to make it happen. It was so frustrating not having time, money, or location freedom and you were so tired of seeing everyone else live their best life.

Now you sit here, stress free, feeling meaning and purpose as you enjoy high-cash months doing work you love while still having time for brunch, self care, and hobbies.

You worried you wouldn’t be able to find clients or know what to say to them when you did. You lacked confidence and doubted if you could do it. You thought building a business would be hard. That it would take time away from the things you loved.

But now you breathe a little bit deeper, your heart feels a little fuller as you sit back in your comfy desk chair, and realize that the fear that used to hold you back no longer does. 

Now, you’re confident and in control. You feel proud of what you do, knowing you’re making an impact while also making great money. You feel grateful for having made the decision to become an Identity-Based Life Coach and make this one precious life count. You slip on your Louboutin shoes, grab your coat, and head out to dinner at your favorite restaurant to celebrate.

And just like that, your last coaching session of the week is complete. Your clients have all shared how grateful they are to have found you and you see an email notification for your now sold out group coaching program hit your inbox.

Ready to create your future as a successful identity-based life coach? 

enroll now

THIS is what’s possible for YOU when you become a identity-based life coach at tmlcs.