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are you Looking for a meaningful career where you can make great money and take time off for what's important to you?


Most ambitious people are unfulfilled. They don't have careers that don’t give them enough meaning or money to live the life they desire.

At The Modern Life Coach School, we created Story-Based Coaching to make it simple to become a confident life coach so you can enjoy a meaningful career, help others, and finally enjoy a life and business so successful you’re only jealous of yourself.

Discover Your Dream life and Career as A Coach

Discover how you can create a life and business so good you’re only jealous of yourself in this exciting new mini-series!


the demand for life coaches is soaring!

90% of all the surveyed life coaches said they currently have active clients. 

Life coaches make between $100-$150/hour with those who have a niche making more.

Life coaching is the second-fastest-growing industry in the world - valued at over $2.85 billion - up 21% since 2015 and still growing.

Source: CNBC

Source: The International Coaching Federation

Source: The International Coaching Federation

$2.8 B


$100 - 150

story-based coaching

So, we created a simpler, more effective way to coach. It helps coaches to feel confident and clients to feel seen, heard, and like they matter.

Story-Based Coaching combines narrative psychology, positive psychology, and neuroscience into one powerful coaching method.

It is a modern, mindful, experiential approach that helps people get unstuck and create real change, real fast through rewriting their stories about themselves, others, and the world to create new possibilities and better results.

Coaches feel more confident and are more successful using this step-by-step process that works on any problem for anyone.

Story-Based Coaching is taught exclusively at The Modern Life Coach School.

The Proven Coaching Method That Removes The Guesswork From Coaching So You Know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO

As the world we live in continues to change drastically, we realized that the world of coaching was perfectly created for a world that no longer exists.

6 reasons you will love being a life coach

Do work you love while enjoying your own personal growth

Multiply your money and create financial freedom

Make your own schedule and work from anywhere

Live an adventurous life where no two days are the same

Become a trusted guide and mentor for people feeling stuck

Be seen as someone who others aspire to be like

"Before even graduating I had new clients and booked a speaking engagement Totaling about $10k in revenue!"


"TMLCS has been one of the most transformative experiences in my career as a coach! While learning the most modern methods and systems for coaching, it’s also a magical journey back to self.

This course reminded me how to access the confidence and leadership skills that were needed to move my business forward after being stuck for years!

Every coach needs this course!"



"The Modern Life Coaching school is in a league of its own...

One of my favorite tools I learned was the Stuck Story Coaching Method. The power of rewriting my story, to transcend my many limiting beliefs with simple yet powerful techniques was transformative.

The fun part has been using these tools to help others do the same and empower them to rewrite their own story."


“I have attended a lot of other programs and no other program has given me these systems!"

“I have attended a lot of other programs and no other program has given me these systems!

I have two other coaching certifications but that’s the one thing that was missing from what I do, the systems and programs.“



“This was my second Life Coach Program, and I can confidently say that I feel like I learned everything that I needed to feel confident to really pursue a career In coaching.

Two of my biggest takeaways from this program was learning the powerful life tool regarding rewriting our stories, called the Stuck Story Coaching Method as well as Cynthia's concept that “Everything is Possible”.

- Nakisha Rekell

"The material is next level"

“The material is just next level.

I’m a course girl, so I've paid for a lot of courses, and once you've taken so many, you start to feel like you just don't know what you're going to get because there's that sales part to it.

Cynthia really delivered.”

- Jennifer Murata 

"I finally feel like i'm going to be able to show up in the way that I'm meant to"

“The coaching buddy connection for me has been so powerful. I’m totally dreaming bigger.

I'm really thinking about what this looks like going forward, and I finally feel like I'm going to be able to show up in the way that I'm meant to, with my voice and with my experience in tech.”

discover how much money you can make as a life coach

One of the perks of becoming a life coach is making your own schedule and deciding how much time you want to work, what you want to get paid, and how many clients you want to work with.

Of course, there's many ways to make money as a life coach but this calculator will help you see what's possible when coaching clients one-on-one!

The 3 Pillars to Become a successful, Modern Life Coach


First you rewrite the old stories that hold you back using the revolutionary new Story-Based Coaching Method, mental models based in neuroscience, and modern-day coaching skills.



Then, you create the SELF you want to be with boundless confidence (aka you'll become "SELF Made") . You'll explore trauma and mental health and rewrite limiting beliefs for good.



Finally, you'll create the successful life and business you've imagined using our powerful Business Building Blueprint and modern-day marketing that doesn't feel slimy.


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I'm the founder and CEO of The Modern Life Coach School and I'm completely obsessed with certifying successful coaches.

Why? Because coaching  completely changed my life.

I grew up in extreme poverty in the Appalachian mountains with no running water in my home, an outhouse, and an environment filled with violence, abuse, and anger. It seemed like I had no way out. After hitting rock bottom, suffering from anxiety, depression, and considering suicide, it was coaching that shifted everything.

The Modern Life Coach School is an official member of the Association for Coaching (ac).

Our Certified Life Coach Program has achieved the Accredited Award in Coach Training which demonstrates that we incorporate the AC Coaching Competency Framework and is underpinned by the AC Global Code of Ethics for Coaches, Mentors and Supervisors.


Accredited Award in Coach Training

The Modern Life Coach School Difference

1. story-based coaching™

2. done-for-you systems for Success 

3. earn your tuition back guarantee

Ditch outdated coaching tools and discover solutions designed to help people with the real challenges they face in the modern-day world. With our story-based coaching models, you can help anyone, anywhere, with any problem - no guesswork required.

Enjoy proven formulas for building a successful business or adding to your current career with our done-for-you blueprint and guides from someone who’s built and run 7 and 8-figure businesses for 17 years.

If you haven't made your tuition investment back within 12 months of graduating, we’ll give you 6 months of business coaching to help ensure you do.

what we know for sure...

We aren’t quite sure how black holes work or why no one’s cooking tastes quite like mom’s. But we do know one thing for sure… and that’s life coaching.
Our team has decades of experience hearing people’s stories, walking beside them on their journeys, and witnessing their breakthroughs.
There’s nothing quite like hearing those words, “You changed my life”.
So while we might not be able to solve that AP Calculus problem, we’ve solved the problems when it comes to being a modern, confident, successful life coach so you won’t have to.

How to Become a certified Life Coach

Enroll in the Certified Life Coach Program.

Experience a modern-day, transformative program.

Enjoy a life and business so good you’re only jealous of yourself!




Discover Your Dream life and Career as A Coach

Discover how you can create a life and business so good you’re only jealous of yourself in this exciting new mini-series!