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These days, many people are unfulfilled in their careers and lives. At The Modern Life Coach School, we make it simple to create a successful career and scale up your lifestyle without having a college degree, being well connected, or spending all your time marketing on social media.

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identity-based coaching

Identity-Based Coaching combines narrative psychology, neuroscience, and positive psychology to rewrite the stories that keep people stuck, help them create a new identity, and create the behaviors and outcomes they want – no willpower or white knuckling it required.

Let's say you have a client who wants to make more money. Their identity is someone who “wants more money” so they’re stuck in a place of always wanting more money.

They buy the courses, watch the YouTube videos, and follow the programs - for a week until they stop.

It’s not a lack of willpower, it’s their identity.

No matter what they DO, they can never BE the person they want to be.

They see themselves as a failure and you as a bad coach. Ouch!

But with Identity-Based Coaching, the focus is on changing who you ARE first so what you DO is simply second nature.

So, in the above example, this person would now identify as someone who already has “more money” which means, they act accordingly and naturally do what that person would do.

It's easier and it works so your client gets results fast and sings your praises all over the internet!

This is the future of life coaching and you can be a part of it!


Most life coaches focus on habit change.

But the REAL key to change doesn’t lie in what you DO. It lies in who you BE.

The Modern Life Coach School is an official member of the Association for Coaching (AC).

Our Certified Life Coach Program has achieved the Accredited Award in Coach Training which demonstrates that we incorporate the AC Coaching Competency Framework and is underpinned by the AC Global Code of Ethics for Coaches, Mentors and Supervisors.

As a part of the regulated coaching industry we abide by the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches and Mentors.


Accredited Award in Coach Training

about our founder

Hey there!
I'm cynthia garcia

I help ambitious go-getters and aspiring entrepreneurs get unstuck and create a life and business so good they’re only jealous of themselves.

I’m passionate about coaching because it saved and then completely transformed my life.

I grew up in extreme poverty in the Appalachian mountains with no running water in my home, an outhouse, and an environment filled with violence, abuse, and anger.

Every day was a struggle and it seemed like I had no way out.

I tried everything to numb the pain and trauma I had endured but nothing worked.

After hitting rock bottom, suffering from anxiety, depression, and considering suicide, it was coaching that shifted everything.



I decided to find a way out of the darkness and create a life where I was only jealous of myself. I wanted to help others suffering and struggling just like me.

I'm here to prove that you are not defined by your circumstances, your past, or your weaknesses. I know what it’s like to have big dreams while also being afraid to go for them out of fear I would fail or fear of what others would think.

After taking a chance on myself and creating what truly is my dream life, I can say with certainty, it’s worth taking the next right step, even when it’s scary. Especially when its scary.

Being a coach has been the honor of a lifetime. I've helped people lose weight, transform their relationships, create massive success, and enjoy their dream life. And now I want to help you do the same.

What I know for sure is that everything is possible! It does not matter where you've been or what you've been through you can absolutely create the life you want to live. Starting today.

“Leading expert in transformational mindset work”



Founder and CEO, Institute of Transformational Nutrition
Founder and CEO, The Modern Life Coach School
Certified over 30,000 coaches
Self-made – from poverty to self-made millionaire
Creator of the identity-based Coaching Method
fellow at the Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate
Advised and coached Fortune 500 leaders
Global media personality featured in Forbes, The TODAY Show, The Dr. Phil Show, Vogue, and many more
Best-selling author, selling just over 1 million copies
Co-Founder, The Unicorn Club
Investor & advisor to startups

Cynthia Garcia is a visionary leader, modern-day life coach, media personality, and celebrity nutritionist.

Cynthia Garcia is a founder and CEO, best-selling author, media personality, and celebrity coach.

Growing up, she was bullied relentlessly and told she would never amount to anything. But after overcoming a dysfunctional childhood filled with crippling poverty, abuse, addiction, and mental health issues, she went on to become one of the most successful coaches in the world.

Today, she inspires others to rewrite their stories by being an example of what was possible when she rewrote her own. Cynthia is the leading expert in the field of modern-day mindset.

She is the founder and CEO of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition (ITN), and The Modern Life Coach School.

Cynthia was trained as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) but quickly realized that people are fed by so much more than what’s on their plate.

This led to her creating the model of Transformational Nutrition® – the only science-based coaching method that helps you discover what feeds you – physically, mentally, and spiritually. This method, along with the Transformational Trauma Technique® is taught exclusively at ITN.

Through her work in narrative psychology and neuroscience, Cynthia developed Identity-Based Coaching™ to rewrite the stories of your past and boldly step into a new identity to create the future of your dreams.

She has coached thousands of private clients ranging from stay-at-home moms to celebrities to Fortune 500 CEO’s on how to get unstuck so they can create a life, career, and relationships that are so good they’re jealous of themselves. Her corporate clients have included Morgan Stanley, Kodak, and Fidelity Investments. She’s a fellow at the Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate.

With her Southern charm and empowering approach, Cynthia is a contributor for several publications and media outlets including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle, and more. She is the official nutritionist for the E! Network’s Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian and is a sought-after expert in media such as The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Doctors, The Dr. Phil Show, and others.

She is the co-founder of The Unicorn Club – an invite only society where the world’s most successful women leaders come to connect, collaborate, and cultivate the confidence to not apologize for their greatness.

Cynthia is a leader and an inspiration born of her own personal history. She is happily married, has two children and lives in Los Angeles and Portland.

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