We’re about helping you become a confident, highly-paid coach who stands out as the best in the industry

about the modern life coach school

The Modern Life Coach School is specifically designed for new and existing coaches who are ready to feel confident, be highly paid, attract the dreamiest clients, and stand out as the best in the industry using Identity-Based Coaching.

This might surprise you but I didn’t grow up wanting to be a coach (but then again, does anyone?)

It was my own health struggles that led me to searching for a solution. I wanted to fix myself so I enrolled in a nutrition coaching school and… I fell in love. 

I started to get results so I started sharing what I had learned with others. 

The moment I realized I could get paid do to help people was a turning point. I had found my purpose.

I rented a little shared office by the hour so I would look legit and started coaching clients.

They referred me clients, I raised my rates, on and on and on.

  • Social media (it wasn’t around!)
  • Team (what?)
  • Real way to market (I didn’t know what marketing was)
  • Marketing strategy (I didn’t know this was a thing)
  • Ads (lol, no)

  • Clients that got results. 

And THAT was the key to my success. My clients were doing marketing for me.

(PS Keep in mind… The opposite is also true. If you can’t get your clients results, they will share that too!)

My coaching business hit 6 figures - not because of my website, branding, marketing, ads or social media. 

I hit 6-figures because I was helping people get results. And this made me stand out. 

It will do the same for you.

When you’re highly skilled at getting your clients results, the results will market your business for you. Full stop.

Hi! I'm Cynthia Garcia. 

I’m a coach, a mama, and a wife. 

I had no:

What I DID have was:

The #1 way to create a 6 – 7 figure coaching business is to be a world-class coach who uses Identity-Based Coaching with your clients to get to real change so they do the marketing for you.

The Modern Life Coach School was created for coaches by a coach – me.

Most life coaches focus on habit change and outcomes.

But the REAL key to change doesn’t lie in what you DO.

It lies in who you BE.

Identity is how you see yourself, how you think and feel about yourself and what you think is possible for you. You will only ever succeed to the limits of your identity.

Identity-Based Coaching combines narrative psychology, neuroscience, and positive psychology to rewrite the stories that keep people stuck, help them create a new identity, and create the behaviors and outcomes they want – no willpower required.

 Identity-Based Coaching

Stand Out As the Coach People Can't Stop Talking About with the Power of Identity-Based Coaching.

The Modern Approach To Life Coaching: Identity-Based Coaching

Focused on "doing". Doing is hard.

Sets goals from past and works from a place of "not there yet".

Focused only on habit change. 

Coaches struggle to stand out, make money, and get their clients results.

old school coaching

identity-based coaching

Focused on "being." Being is enjoyable!

Take action from the future self, no willpower needed!

Focused on identity.

Coaches easily stand out, are higher paid, and their clients get results fast and for good!

Random coaching questions you piece together.

Proven coaching system so you never have to worry about what to do or say!

The Modern Life Coach School Difference

We’re about helping you become a confident, highly-paid coach who stands out as the best in the industry.

THIS can be your life!

You sit down in your favorite chair with the sun on your face as you enjoy your morning cup of coffee and - yet another - boss morning. You answer some emails from clients, post on social, and connect with your community in the DMs.

After seeing yet another $3,000 deposited in your bank account, you head to brunch with a girlfriend and come home to get glam for some coaching sessions with your clients and a few snaps for social media. Afterward, you have some self care with a good book and yummy lunch and then head off to that dance class you recently enrolled in.

That evening over dinner at your fave restaurant, you toast a glass of champagne to another fulfilling day. Once home, you check your schedule for tomorrow and head to bed, excited to get up and do it all over again!

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