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What is The Modern Life Coach School? 

The Modern Life Coach School (TMLCS) was founded by Cynthia Garcia, a celebrity nutrition and life coach. After seeing the shortcomings in life coaching during the pandemic, Cynthia couldn’t stand by and watch as hurt people continued to hurt people.

She realized that most of what we call “life coaching” or “personal development” is just a distraction for deeply rooted pain and feelings of unworthiness.

In addition, no life coaching school was addressing the deeper need for support around areas including diversity, equality, and inclusion; gender identity, mental health and trauma, and other modern-day concerns in this new world we live in.

An educator for over 20 years and an innovator in the field of coaching, Cynthia decided to do something about this and The Modern Life Coach School was born.

At The Modern Life Coach School, we teach new world concepts that are cutting edge and get your clients results - fast. The old way of doing things doesn't work anymore. It's time for a revolution in the field of life coaching and we are the only school offering that.

The Certified Life Coach (CLC) Program at The Modern Life Coach School is a 6-month online, experiential certification program for ambitious go-getters who want to create a meaningful, highly profitable business.


When does the program start, how long does it last, and what is the format? 

The Certified Life Coach (CLC) Program started on November 1st, 2021 and is 6 months long with a new class each week.

Instead of dreading Mondays, you can now look forward to exciting new content to upgrade your mindset, your career, and your life! Each week, you’ll dive into a newly released, streaming video class. You’ll take what you learn in that class and practice it throughout the week in the real-world.

On Thursdays, there is a live Coaching Lab to get your questions answered about that week’s class in real time and discuss what you discovered as you put what you learned into practice. This approach builds confidence and makes learning an adventure that’s fun, engaging, exhilarating, and empowering! More importantly, it prepares you for real-world scenarios and real-world success.

Every Coaching Lab is recorded in case you can’t make it live or you just want to watch it again.

We take a break every 4th week of the program for “Study Hall”. This will give you white space to integrate and implement what you’re learning or just take some time off.

All of the content is 100% online so you can access and work through it at your convenience whether that’s on the go or relaxing from the comfort of your own home.

What are the concepts taught at The Modern Life Coach School?

We dive deep into the 3 pillars required to become a modern-day, confident, successful life coach:

1. Story – includes Modern-Day Mindset, Limiting Beliefs, Abundance, Possibility, and more!

2. Self – includes Personal Style, Identity, Self-Care, Wellness, Your Environment, and more!

3. Success – includes Business Building, Defining Success on Your Terms, Career Growth, Wealth, and more!

How much is tuition?

The bigger question is what is it worth to live the life of your dreams? To have a career that fulfills you and gives you meaning? A life where you finally feel alive? Where you can set your own schedule and take time away for the things that are important to you.

For us, it’s priceless.

That being said, we wanted TMLCS to be exclusive but also inclusive so we’re offering a Founder’s Scholarship of $2,000 for a limited time. This brings your tuition to $4,997 or 10 monthly payments of $599. The choice is yours!

Keep in mind that the skills you learn in this exclusive program will serve you for the rest of your life. Whether you want to become a coach or show up as a leader in your current career, community, or church, this program will get you where you want to go.

In addition, there are numerous bonuses and masterclasses worth well more than your tuition investment.

You can find more information on tuition and everything that’s included here.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! At TMLCS, we offer an “All In Or All Out Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee”.

We are committed to building a community of the right people to support our mission. We believe you're either all in (and we'll be right there by your side) or you're all out.

Because of this, we offer a risk-free money back guarantee. If by 5pm Pacific U.S. time on Monday, November 8th, 2021 you don’t feel this program is right for you, simply email us at hello@themodernlifecoachschool.com we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked! Please note that eligibility for a refund has a firm deadline and also applies to payment plans, which means you will be responsible for all payments after the refund deadline of Monday, November 8th, 2021 at 5:00pm PT has passed.

I’m concerned I won’t make back my tuition investment. Can you guarantee I will?

Is The Modern Life Coach School affiliated with ICF or any other agency? 

It’s important to note that the coaching industry is entirely unregulated. There is no governing body and no licensing requirements. There are, however, agencies and organizations that attempt to push their own guidelines and styles of coaching. The ICF (International Coaching Federation) or any other agency for that matter, has no legal parameters they have to adhere to or that you have to adhere to just because you’re a coach.

There are a LOT of high-profile coaches who are highly paid and highly effective and who haven’t gone through the ICF. While the ICF and additional agencies have done, and continue to do, some good work, the mission of The Modern Life Coach School is to move the life coaching industry into the modern-day and away from outdated and incomplete coaching concepts. The ICF is focused on basic core competencies like “Establishing the Coaching Agreement”, “Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client”, “Active Listening”, and “Powerful Questioning”. At TMLCS we believe those basics are good but that they simply do not meet the needs of the modern-day world we live in. Those needs are bigger and deeper than this.

At TMLCS our coaches go far beyond the basics to get to the limiting beliefs people have that makes it difficult to change or enjoy the life they desire. We go beyond thoughts and feelings and move into narrative psychology and neuroscience to help our clients understand themselves and the actions they take so they can finally create change for good. Your clients will hire you because of this.

Because of these things, we are not an approved school with the ICF or any other agency and do not plan on seeking certification through them in the future.

How long will I have access to the program?

The Certified Life Coach (CLC) Program was designed to get you taking action and transforming your life and others right away! The program lasts 6 months but you’ll have access for 2 additional months afterward so you can download any materials you want to keep. In addition, you’ll be a member of our private student and grad community for life so you can connect, collaborate, and continue learning and growing yourself and your business!

Will I speak with or get live feedback from Cynthia?

Yes! Cynthia teaches the Coaching Labs live every week throughout the certification program. She will bring her 17 years of coaching and business building experience to share advice, tips, and strategies to set you up for success!

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